Testimonials from Retreat Clients, Students and Retreat Participants

I could not imagine hosting a retreat without the guidance and support of Annabelle Teleki and Satya Retreats. They are impeccable with their professionalism, gracious to work with and create a high quality and stress-free experience for their clients. I completely left the logistics in their hands, freeing me up to do my work without distraction. I will use them again and look forward to many years of partnership.

Annabelle has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is an exceptional communicator, smart business woman, and supportive friend.  She understands the ins and outs of booking and running retreats, this makes it easy for me to do my job because I can relax knowing I’m in good hands, and so are my students!

I cannot say enough great things about working with Annabelle and Satya Retreats. She is a true yogi: she is honest, conscious, present, and kind. She treated the experience that I hoped to offer for my participants with genuine care. In all of the ways that she interacted with me, the retreat hotel staff, and each of my students, I felt carefully held by her warmth and her kindness. Perhaps even more importantly, Annabelle is a professional. She is timely, organized, and communicated clearly and effectively. She covered absolutely every detail (many of which I would not have considered myself) of the retreat from the marketing to the transportation arrangements, Annabelle went above and beyond what was expected and contractual in many ways. She made sure each guest was well taken care of and she even hooked me up with a wonderful private tour guide so that our group could do excursions away from the crowds. Annabelle is experienced and has a broad scope of knowledge about what does and does not work for yoga retreats. I have already recommended her to numerous friends and have already rebooked with her for my next retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Annabelle and feel so fortunate to have her as a resource and now, as a friend. If you are considering offering a yoga retreat of any kind, Satya Retreats is definitely your ally, collaborator, and support.

Working with Satya Retreats takes all of the guess work out of planning a retreat.  I’ve worked with Annabelle for 4 years, and I believe that she is worth her weight in gold.  Together we’ve created three sold out retreats and are working on our fourth.  I don’t have time to handle the many administrative details of creating a successful retreat.  Annabelle comes with over 25 years of experience, so she knows the questions to ask and all of the important things to remember.  I get to focus on what I do best, which is teach and guide my students on a deep immersive journey.  Annabelle has saved me from many a headache including profit loss from rookie mistakes. She suggested the perfect retreat center for me, and I’ve gone back to the same site four years in a row. Satya Reteats is wonderful to work with, and all of my students have loved working with her as well.

“It was truly a pleasure working with Satya Retreats. I was completely satisfied with Annabelle’s services. She made planning my retreat in Mexico so much easier for me. I have taken groups on retreat in the past and know how many details there are to manage. Annabelle took care of everything for me from our accomodations, menu selections, ground transportation, excursions, restaurants and so much more. Her local knowledge made a huge difference in the choices I made and in the end the trip was a success. I will be returning next year and with Annabelle’s help I know that we will have another wonderful experience. Not only have i found a fantastic consultant but I have also made a friend for life…. Thank you, Annabelle!”

Satya Retreats has provided me with one of the most exceptional yoga retreats that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The attention to detail is second to none. When traveling to a foreign country I always am somewhat a little uncomfortable going into unfamiliar territory. Annabelle had everything so impeccably planned, and provided such precise information, that the transition was virtually seamless. This was evidenced by the exceptionally friendly and competent transportation and hotel staff, that went above and beyond to ensure that I had a pleasurable experience. I know from experience that this is due to Annabelle painstakingly cultivating the longstanding relationships that are necessary to obtain that objective. I would without hesitation recommend Satya Retreats for your upcoming yoga retreat.

“When I had my vision of my women’s retreat in mind, I knew it was going to be tough to be really present for my clients as well as take care of the many logistical details that would come up. Annabelle Teleki was the ideal solution! She had the foresight to problem solve and was pro-active in anticipation of potential glitches. My clients all found her very approachable and accommodating and she finessed the vendor relationships beautifully. Her professionalism and vision were invaluable… I will continue to hire Annabelle to ensure my retreat offerings go smoothly.”

“Annabelle exceeded my expectations! Not only did she make my retreat practically stress free, she was a delight to work with. Annabelle was timely in communication, efficient in coordinating a great deal of loose information, easily accessible and always professional. Her support and detail orientation eased my students concerns and made everything flow more smoothly then I knew it could. There’s no way I ever want to do another retreat without her support! Satya Retreats was the best investment I made this year.”

“This Satya yoga retreat is magical! Thank you, thank you for an extra special treat to pamper my soul… Annabelle is such a gifted yoga instructor! And what could be better than 3 hours of daily yoga in a beautiful palapa with fresh island breezes and the melodic sounds of tropical birds? A true paradise Caribbean location with an attention to detail that was wonderful. The timing for taking this retreat came at a perfect time to mark some big life transitions. Thank you for this gift!!!”

“Satya Retreats: spectacular, amazing, therapeutic, yearn for more, and the best vacation i’ve had in 10 years! The week on Isla Mujeres with Satya Retreats was transformational, a true vacation, where you can relax and rejuvenate, focus on self and spirit, and not worry about any details since everything is taken care of by the amazing wonderful retreat planner! I can’t recommend this retreat enough, I will return, again and again, it can’t be beat!”

“This retreat was an amazing experience for me… to stop and get away from the computer and all of the busy-ness of life. If an island in the Mexican Caribbean isn’t enough to ‘take you away’ just imagine adding to that – three hours of yoga everyday with some of the most purposeful, mindful guidance I have ever experienced. There is no question that with the combination of this magical place and Annabelle’s gentle lead, anyone attending the Satya yoga retreat is in for major healing and transformation – and a whole lot of fun! I would return a million times! If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend: a bike ride, the sunrise, a massage on the beach, and a reading with Sabina.”

“Annabelle’s Yoga retreat to Isla Mujeres in April 2012 was far beyond my expectations. The daily yoga practice, beachside accommodations, incredible food, the beautiful and quaint Mexican island, the warm crystal clear ocean water and the impeccable attention to all the details made this the most nurturing, inspirational, growthful and relaxing ‘vacation’ I’ve ever had. I definitely felt renewed in every way. Thank you Annabelle for this amazing experience. I can’t wait to go back!”

“I have just booked my third journey with Satya Retreats One can travel to the destinations offered here; what is unique about going with this community is that Annabelle, along with her many gifted teachers and facilitators, give you the gift of inhabiting them! These are trips that feed the body, the soul and the intellect. Annabelle and her team pay attention to every detail; they truly care about you as an individual and you feel it throughout the trip. The space created for the yoga practices, quiet time and unique activities refresh and replenish one’s spirit. Because Annabelle seeks to understand the local culture and is deeply respectful of it, doors are opened up to very special and interesting side trips, exposure to the locals, and other adventures that you certainly don’t get from other creators of trips. She selects amazing local guides who have deep knowledge and love for the culture and history. Their passion and the knowledge they impart linger with you long after you are back home. I have been touched, inspired and strengthened by these journeys and I plan to attend as many as I can in the coming years!”