Family Constellation work w/ Sabina Tamm

For groups intending to address and foster individual deep healing:

A deep exploration and healing of traumas whose origins can reach far back into your ancestral cord.

The effects may be blocking you to move freely forward in your life.

The intent of the family constellation is to find solutions for problems or questions by seeing them in the bigger context of our family system, going back to the root of LOVE.

The work is done in a group and is based on the work of the German family therapist Bert Hellinger. Hellinger found that each family system is affected by a specific order which he calls ” The order of love.”

This order affects us independently of education, knowledge, or personal goals in life. If this order is not honored it affects one or more members of the family negatively through the generations.

With the family constellation it is possible to bring entanglements to the surface and to find solutions for a variety of emotional, mental, and physical problems.

The work is directed to bring clarity and light in the hidden truth and to detect and reinforce the energies in the family system which support healing and strength.

The Constellation:

The client intuitively chooses volunteers for each family member including him/her/themself and positions them in a group. The volunteers feel/settle into their place, opening to the feeling that arises.
That sounds unbelievable, but even if you are skeptical, you will find out that it works, there is no explanation why!

The process for the client, who is observing, as well as for the volunteer, is a deep emotional encounter.

What issues can be cleared:
Unresolved relationships to parents and /or children
Relationship issues, Commitment/Separation
The right place for children after a separation or the new forming of a family
Adoption/Foster care
Letting go of old behavioral patterns
Addiction /Abuse
Low self-esteem/Depression

As well as every other issue that repeatedly comes up or causes you to feel “stuck”.

How to prepare for the workshop:
Find out as much as possible about the family you are born in by interviewing parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and sisters and brothers.
Find out if somebody committed suicide, was victim to a crime or committed a crime and if there have been abortions, miscarriages or early death through illness or accidents.
Find out about your family roots concerning the cultural background as well.

**Please do not worry too much about the above “preparation” – the constellation work can be done effectively without a lot of historical information**