Our Teachers

Annabelle Teleki

Annabelle’s classes incorporate the traditions of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vini Yoga, with a focus on mindful flow, as well as holding poses for longer periods of time, creating deeper stillness. Annabelle brings a lifetime of travel and spiritual awareness to her practice and teaching. Students are encouraged to delve deeper into the many teachings through Asana, Meditation, Pranayama and Mantra. Annabelle first discovered the practice of yoga through Asana in 1997. She began teaching Yoga in 2007, while living in Yucatan, Mexico.

Annabelle is a registered E-RYT 500 teacher, and is certified to teach with Niroga as well as with the Prison Yoga Project. She currently teaches two Y12SR (The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) classes in Oakland, Her studies in Trauma Informed Yoga have influenced how she guides her students through the practices.

Learn more about Annabelle and visit her website, www.satyayoga.info

Sabina Tamm


In 1988, Sabina came to Isla Mujeres, Mexico and fell in love with the potent nature of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, white sandy beaches, and lush tropical green. Sabina moved from Germany to Isla to establish a new lifestyle based on a deep love for life and nature. She teaches and works in the fields of yoga, reiki, meditation, rebirthing, and Family Constellations, conducting classes, private sessions and workshops around the world. Sabina has studied with Bert Hellinger and other wonderful teachers in the field of Family Constellation work in Germany, Mexico and the US. Sabina and Annabelle have been partnering and sharing their work together on retreats annually, since 2012!

Learn more about Sabina and Family Constellation Work.

Seane Corn

Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both the physical and mystical aspects of the practice of yoga. Her classes integrate dynamic vinyasa flow asana (linking movement with breath) with the application of precise alignment, meditation, visualization, intention and prayer to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment.

To read more about Seane, visit: www.seanecorn.com

Nikki Myers

Nikki MyersNikki Myers developed Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) in 2004. Nikki is an accomplished yoga therapist, teacher and somatic experiencing practitioner. She is the founder of CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis, IN. From her personal struggles with addiction, Nikki is quick to tell the world, “The 12-step program and Yoga saved my life – one is my lifeboat, the other my launching pad.”

To read more about Nikki, visit: www.y12sr.com

Hala Khouri

Hala Khouri, M.A., E-RYT, has been teaching the movement arts for over 20 years. Her roots are in Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, dance, Somatic Psychology, and the juicy mystery of Life itself.

“I am passionate about sharing what I know about yoga, somatic psychology, activism and parenting with you. I’ve dedicated my life to learning about the deep connections between the mind and the body, and I have discovered some incredible wisdom and tools along the way.” ~ Hala Khouri

To read more about Hala, please click here.

Melody Moore

Dr. Melody Moore, Ph.D.,RYT is a Clinical Psychologist and international yoga teacher who combines the therapeutic tools offered by both practices to her students. She is a social entrepreneur, conscious activist, and author. Melody is a faculty member for Off the Mat, Into the World and the founder of Embody Love Movement, a non-profit whose vision is to create a world of unconditional love in action.

To read more about Melody, please click here: www.drmelodymoore.com

Carrington Jackson

Over the last 20+ years, Carrington’s study and practice of yoga has been a diverse journey through Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and everything in between.  Carrington began teaching in 2010 and is E-RYT 500 certified. Her classes are a canvas of power, prayer, and presence, intertwined with messages of spirit, magic, and social responsibility. On a physical level, her teaching practice is about piecing together the individual parts of the body into the more powerful whole. On a soulful level, her passion both on and off the mat is in helping others find their voice and own their power through the many classes and workshops she teaches. On a collective level, the purpose of her teaching is to correlate yoga on and off the mat, ultimately paving the way from the I to the WE.

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Maura Manzo

Maura ManzoMaura Manzo is a the co-founder of Yoga Home, an award-winning studio outside of Philadelphia. Her classes are breath focused and challenging, encouraging a deepening of the physical and spiritual sides of the practice but also inviting critical thinking about how to show up in the world more empowered and engaged. Maura’s also known to be playful and lighthearted, bringing a sense of humor to everything she does. She has studied extensively with Off the Mat into the World and its founders and faculty, specifically around trauma informed practices and the intersection of social justice and yoga. Maura is committed to helping students remember who they are to themselves, each other and the world around them.

Learn more about Maura and visit her website, www.ouryogahome.com

Monique Rogers

Monique Rogers is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, writer, healthy lifestyle evangelist, global traveler, self-proclaimed tech rebel, and a certified, registered E-RYT for Yoga Therapy. Monique’s extensive travels throughout the US and abroad have allowed her to work, study, and practice under some of the most well known instructors and physicians in the Yoga and holistic health communities.

She believes in a concept of rebellion for wellness (#rebelwell) by empowering change and personal responsibility through historical study, modern literature, science, and the ancient healing arts.

Gina Pachkowski

Owner of Alluem Yoga, Gina is an energetic, certified yoga instructor. Her practice embodies a combination of power, ashtanga, bikram and vinyasa flow-yoga. She has tapped into her 15 years of dance training, fitness instruction and physically active lifestyle to create her own unique yoga style. This mother of three children has incorporated yoga and meditation into her daily living and finds joy in educating others about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the practice. You will love the energy and spirit that Gina brings to her class. Not just because of who she is but because of who she wants the rest of us to be, our true essential selves. She believes that only by giving we gain what truly matters

To learn more about Gina, click here.