At Satya Retreats, we offer our services in the location of your choice! Should you already have a specific location in mind, simply let us know, and we will set the gears in motion. On the other hand, if you would like guidance in finding the perfect place for your retreat, we are equipped to provide you with numerous expert suggestions.

In the entries below, we highlight certain areas that Satya Retreats specializes in, however, please bear in mind that our offerings are by no means limited to these destinations.

Mexico is one of our signature specialties. At Satya Retreats, we have garnered valuable experience and cultivated a number of key relationships with partners throughout Mexico’s most alluring areas. Here are some of our favorite Mexican destinations….

This area of the beautiful Mexican Caribbean is magical, with pristine turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, rich Mayan culture, flavorful cuisine, and much, much more! The energy here is perfect for a retreat setting, offering the space and natural environment essential for reflection, contemplation and depth for your experience.

Should you decide to retreat here, we can also offer personal recommendations for alternative therapeutic experiences such as: Family Constellations, Massage and Energy work, Mayan Sweat Lodge (temazcal) and Tarot and Mayan Astrological readings. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are particularly exceptional here in the coastal areas!

Satya Retreats also offers its signature “Hacienda Experience” retreats which have both a cultural and spiritual focus. Envision bringing your group to a 17th century Hacienda, rich with history and tradition, not to mention elegance and tranquility. Just outside of the capital city of Merida are a multitude of such places which we have cultivated relationships with, and are currently partnering with. An “Hacienda Experience” can be a stand-alone retreat, and, can also be added onto a beach retreat as an optional trip extension, bringing together two worlds!

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Travel 45 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport either by ground or boat to one of our unique destinations ~ enjoy the tropical jungle with its lush vegetation offering the crashing pacific waves as a backdrop! Experience the private, unspoiled beaches, soft sunsets, and ample space and energy for yoga, meditation and contemplation. Wonderful hiking, whale watching and surfing also available.

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Satya Retreats is happy to offer locations in the United States. The areas we currently focus on are Northern California and Hawaii. Each in their own way, both areas feature verdant natural splendors that are sure to inspire and soothe retreat participants.

Northern California combines proximity to the Pacific Ocean, a Mediterranean climate, and mountainous slopes covered with Redwood and other evergreen trees, as well as gentle hills and valleys dotted with vineyards. Also on the Pacific but in a tropical clime, the Hawaiian Islands treat visitors to jungle-lined sandy beaches and crystalline blue waters. The classic New England town of Stowe, Vermont, reminiscent of the European Alps, is tucked between the Green and Hogback mountains.

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Central America

Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama

From its clear, turquoise seas to magnificent Lakes, lush green forests, bustling & colorful markets and coffee farms, Central America can be as chilled out or as thrilling as you wish. This part of the word offers an explosion of nature, cultures and beliefs ~ with rich, deep cultural roots. There is so much to discover in this region, from its tropical coastlines to some 300 volcanoes, the possibilities are endless! The magical energy of the Mayan culture’s territory extends from Mexico all the way to Honduras, visit the lost temples of Tikal (Guatemala)… inspiration! Central America sits poised to deliver the best of all beach worlds ~ Nicaragua with the sometimes seemingly deserted islands offering amazing scuba and snorkeling opportunities. Guatemala offering the ancient beauty of Antigua and the magic of Lake Atitlan. Panama, with its rustic fishing villages, waterfalls, secluded beaches, flora and fauna galore…a true hidden gem to those seeking a Caribbean experience within an authentic and welcoming community.

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Cultural Yoga Adventure in Cuba!

The time is now!

Satya Retreats announces the exciting and new destination of Cuba. We have experienced Cuba’s diverse and unique offerings and are ready to pass them onto you!

Habana’s attraction lies in the visceral and the abstract. Its like no other place you’ve been, frozen in time, and yet overflowing with culture, art, music, education…. its nothing short of fascinating. La Habana, a vivacious, romantic and authentic city full of history. Enjoy private art tours, music and dance performances, late night cabaret shows…a stroll along the Malecón. Our talented local guides will teach you all about this rich and seemingly mysterious culture. Where else do you find vintage American cars on every street, sharing the sounds of salsa and mambo while locals dance in their doorways on any given day.

Experience Cuba… Many years of passionate history have created one of Latin America’s most culturally unique societies. Habana has survived everything that has been thrown at it and still found time to innovate. The spirit of its people is strong and generous. Satya Retreats has cultivated relationships on the ground in Cuba as well as here in the US in order to offer a smooth, organized, exciting “people to people” adventure that includes yoga with local Cuban teachers. We hope you can join us for the Cuban adventure of a lifetime!

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Retreat to Peru, in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Inka! The Sacred Valley cuts a gentle curve through the Andes ~ This is a region of sacred geography. The highest mountains are considered powerful deities. Private tours, yoga retreats and retreats for families and small groups are available.

Plan your retreat to one of the most energetically charged places on earth, fulfilling the spiritual and cultural needs of all guests seeking an authentic mind, body, spirit experience.

Nearby ancient Inkan ruins, ceremonial sites, temples and an abundance of cultural activities beckon. For hikers, winding rivers, charming villages and high mountain meadows where herds of llama and alpaca graze await exploration. A retreat for the spiritual warrior!

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Retreat to Mother India – the birthplace of Yoga! Incredibly gifted with physical as well as spiritual beauty, India offers an environment where one can experience an abundance & variety of flavors, colors and sensation to feed and enrich the soul. Immerse yourself in a culture that lives and breathes spirituality – a culture that practices prayer, devotion, ritual, ceremony, 365 days per year. Connect with people who are humble, generous and gracious.

The blend of all these vivid elements and diversity make for a unique and life-changing retreat or cultural immersion experience. You will truly never be the same after visiting India!

A country so diverse in its offering – The North: blessed with thousands of temples and millions of devotees, its bustling and chaotic cities, gorgeous daily ceremonies on the Ganges, coupled with the majestic energy of the Himalayas. The South: set amidst abundant, tropical gardens, here one can easily relax and renew body, mind and spirit. Whether it be on a quiet, beautiful beach, unwinding during an amazing spa treatment or steam bath, or by visiting nearby sleepy villages that take you back in time…India has something for everyone!

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Retreat to Kenya for a life-changing experience in true nature! Satya Retreats has cultivated personal and professional relationships with the property owners of 2 luxury tented camps in the heart of the Masai Mara. Designed with privacy, exclusivity as well as adventure in mind we ensure a warm and memorable retreat-safari! This destination is approximately a five hour drive from Nairobi. There are scheduled flights to the Mara and also charter aircraft available upon request.

The Masai Mara is located in South Western Kenya. Together with Tanzania’s Serengeti it forms one of the world’s most diverse and spectacular eco-systems. With riverine forest and short grass plains, this area is renowned for the most exceptional big game viewing worldwide.

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Retreat to the Italian countryside, just 1 hour outside of Rome! Enjoy and explore the local region with its rich culinary heritage and quaint, medieval nearby villages. Our chosen retreat center is set in the hills amongst olive groves, offering spectacular views of the grounds, including fruit trees. various beautiful gardens a refreshing swimming pool, natural springs and a pond. Accommodations are offered in a beautifully restored 17th century stone farmhouse, and their yoga platform speaks for itself!

This destination is perfect for deep introspection into spiritual practice through yoga, meditation and art offering s rustic and peaceful energy ~ not to mention rich culture and history of the region.

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Retreat to the island of Crete!

Crete offers the magical combination of wonderful beaches and ancient treasures & landscapes which include vibrant cities and dreamy villages. Locals will share with you their traditions, abundant cuisine and generous spirit. Our chosen Retreat Center is located within a preserved community. Situated between the White Mountains and overlooking Souda Bay, on the Apokoronas peninsula, this is the greenest region of Crete, combining the amazing natural environment with breathtaking views of the Cretan Sea!

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The island of Koh Samui is an ideal place for exploring yoga due to the outstanding natural beauty of the island. Most of Koh Samui is still considered unspoiled and unpolluted. Time on Koh Samui is an opportunity to relax, unwind, explore and focus on yourself. Enjoy the natural energy of palm trees, white sand, purple sunsets, turquoise waters, dense jungle, and exotic waterfalls. Despite being so easily accessible, just a 1+ hr flight from Bangkok, Samui remains an idyllic island in the sun.

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An off the beaten path gem, our chosen retreat center is located 2.5 hrs drive north of Santiago, on the beautiful pacific coast of Chile.

Carved out of the living rock over South Pacific shores, and inspired by a love of yoga and wellness, this spot is a life affirming oasis of serenity. Steeped in mysticism and set in a unique location between the dramatic and contrasting settings of the Pacific Ocean and the sun-drenched Andes, here you will experience the ideal environment to immerse yourself in yoga and the natural world around you.

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Located on Tobago’s quieter western coast, away from the island’s more populated south, lies a small fishing village, where you’ll get a sense of the ‘real Tobago’. Whether your aim is to soak up the local culture, hang out on the beach, or appreciate the splendour of flora and fauna, this location reveals its hidden gems to anyone seeking a Caribbean experience within an authentic and welcoming local community.

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