To retreat and pause ~ making space to slow down and reflect on what is true for each of us…

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We understand the work involved in planning and organizing a retreat or event of any size. We are familiar with handling the logistical details that must be addressed on every level, and are equipped to help build and create a retreat experience that is everything you’ve envisioned and more!

This retreat was truly extraordinary… from the beautiful hacienda, to delicious cuisine, to the yoga which was a salve for my soul. Thank you Annabelle and Sabina!

This cultural and spiritual retreat to Mérida was absolutely magical. It was thoughtfully planned with a perfect balance of activities and down time. Annabelle and Sabina were a joy to be around / work with. Our Hacienda provided a lovely backdrop for this retreat. The theme was definitely “abundance” – my cup is full!

Deeply challenging and transformative trip that demanded a profound engagement of body, mind, heart and soul. The facilitation and leadership were skilled, knowledgeable, caring, well-versed in the necessary practices to heighten our experience as well as help to move us through with sensitivity and grace.

I am forever changed by this trip to India . Thanks to Annabelle and the grace in which she guided our group through the intricacies of travel in India. I was initially hesitant to travel with a group but was so very pleasantly surprised that we moved fluidly throughout the country without skipping a beat. We immersed ourselves in the culture and maintained our state of travelers versus being tourists. I am grateful for Satya Retreats and will definitely use them again!


From a sunny, tropical island in Mexico’s Caribbean to Peru’s sacred Andes, from Kenya’s Masai Mara to Northern California’s stunning coast and giant Redwoods… we are prepared to help create your ideal retreat! Find out more…

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A retreat can be many things… a personal journey, a time to decompress and relax, a time to learn and grow, a time for adventure!  Our passion is to create memorable and life-changing retreats that bring healing and growth. Find out more…

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Should you decide to work with us, you will be leaving all of the planning and logistical work in our capable hands, so that you and your retreat participants can focus your precious energy on the retreat content itself. Find out more…

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